11 Pregnancy Must-Haves For First Time Moms

pregnancy must-haves for first time moms

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Pregnancy is a special time for new moms because it marks the beginning of a wonderful journey filled with anticipation, joy, and the profound experience of nurturing new life.

But the truth is that your body will go through a lot of changes during pregnancy and you need the necessary products to help you stay healthy and comfortable until your baby arrives.

I compiled a list of pregnancy must-haves for first time moms. I used some of these items during my pregnancy and let me tell you that they made my pregnancy more enjoyable!

These items don’t cost a lot and will help you get through pregnancy with ease.

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11 Pregnancy Must-Haves For First Time Moms

These pregnancy must-haves are things that you need to get, yet no one tells you to get them. Believe me, they will make your pregnancy journey a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

Image: Boppy

1. Boppy Prenatal Body Pillow

The full-body design of the Boppy Prenatal Body Pillow provides maternity support for your bump, hips, lower back, and shoulders in one.

Let me tell you that the Boppy Prenatal Body Pillow will help you sleep comfortably every night, even after you give birth to your child. YOU MUST GET IT!

The Boppy Prenatal Body Pillow will provide optimal support and comfort for aching muscles and joints during pregnancy. It will ensure better sleep and reduce discomfort throughout the night.

Just look at this review left on Boppy’s website by a happy mom-to-be:

“I am currently in my second trimester and this pillow is a lounging favorite for me. It is so comfortable and plush! I also love how it has three distinct divots in the full body section making it easy to contort for the customized support that I need in the moment.”

Image: The Birth Ball

2. The Birth Ball

With a perfect 5-star rating, The Birth Ball is recommended by Doulas and Midwives because it eases labor and back pain, and positions your baby for a safe and natural birth.

You can use the Birth Ball to do gentle exercises like pelvic tilts, hip circles, and gentle bouncing. These exercises can help you relieve lower back pain, strengthen your core muscles, and promote optimal fetal positioning.

I honestly believe that it is an essential pregnancy item to stay active, relieve discomfort, and assist with labor progression.

Image: Earth Mama Organics

3. Earth Mama Nausea Tea

A blend of ginger-minty herbs traditionally used to help curb occasional nausea, this 100% organic tea is formulated to be safe for moms experiencing nausea.

Nausea is common in pregnancy and believe me, it is not a great feeling and probably the worst side effect of pregnancy. Luckily there is a natural remedy for this!

The Earth Mama Nausea Tea is infused with natural herbs to help alleviate morning sickness and digestive discomfort.

It provides much-needed relief for expecting moms who are experiencing nausea during pregnancy, making it a soothing and effective choice for combating pregnancy-related nausea.

Image: Kindred Bravely

4. Maternity Bras

Your breasts will grow during pregnancy and will become heavy and sore. Maternity bras are designed to provide comfort to your boobies during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester.

Maternity bras provide the necessary support and comfort for growing breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

These bras reduce discomfort, and ensure you have a better pregnancy experience as your breasts grow. 

Maternity bras from Kindred Bravely are the best bras because they are super soft and comfortable and some bras can be adjusted to support your growing breasts.

Make sure to pick a few pairs because you will need them!

Oh and let me mention that you can save 15% off your first order just by simply joining their newsletter!

Image: Kindred Bravely

5. Maternity Outfits

Kindred Bravely doesn’t just make maternity bras. They also make the best maternity clothes for every trimester. You will need comfortable clothes that fit right as your belly grows.

Trust me, sooner than later, you won’t be able to button up your pants. You will need comfortable clothing as your pregnancy progresses. 

Maternity outfits are designed to accommodate your growing belly while providing style and comfort.

Maternity pants and tops help you to feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy journey since they adapt to your changing body shape.

Head over to Kindred Bravely and don’t forget to join their newsletter to unlock 15% off your first order!

Image: Kindred Bravely

6. Maternity Activewear

Maternity activewear allows you to stay active and exercise comfortably during pregnancy. This is an important investment for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle during pregnancy.

When I was pregnant, I couldn’t wear my regular fitness outfits. They simply did not fit right! So I invested in quality activewear for pregnancy.

Maternity activewear is designed with stretchable and breathable fabrics that accommodate your growing belly. This will ensure that you feel comfortable when you exercise.

Exercising during pregnancy is highly recommended because it helps improve your overall strength.

Regular exercise promotes healthy weight management, reduces pregnancy discomfort, and prepares your body for labor and postpartum recovery.

Image: Belly Bandit

7. Belly Support Band

This one is another must-have item for pregnancy! The belly support band helps alleviate back and pelvic pain by providing gentle support to your belly.

If there is a product that reduces strain on your lower back and helps improve your posture, it is the Belly Support Band. Honestly, this is the best belly band for pregnancy.

I felt very heavy and a lot of discomfort during the third trimester. My growing belly was pulling my body forward and this caused pain in my lower back.

The Belly Support Band not only reduced back and pelvic pain, but it also relieved pressure on my bladder.

Honestly, don’t wait until your third trimester. Get the Belly Support Band today!

Image: Earth Mama Organics

8. Belly Butter and Oil

Belly butter is a nourishing moisturizer that helps hydrate and soothe the stretching skin of the belly, and reduces the chances of stretch marks and itchiness.

Your belly will grow very fast and you need belly butter to promote skin health and maintain the elasticity of your belly.

I recommend you combine the belly butter and oil with stretch mark oil. If you want to save big on a bundle, then I suggest you get the Pregnancy Pampering Collection from Earth Mama Organics.

Image: Wink Well

9. Prenatal Support Supplements

Prenatal support supplements are enriched with essential vitamins and minerals to provide the necessary nutrients for the healthy development of your baby and your overall well-being.

Prenatal supplements are specifically formulated to provide essential nutrients that support the healthy development of your baby and help meet your increased nutritional needs during pregnancy.

Our brand of choice is Wink. Their Prenatal Support Supplements are made with natural ingredients to support both you and your baby. 

This supplement contains folinic acid which is critical for the neurological development and growth of your baby.

It also contains vitamin B6 and ginger to help with your overall wellness and ease the symptoms of morning sickness.

Image: Earth Mama Organics

10. Organic Perineal Balm 

Another great product by Earth Mama Organics, this perineal balm is made with natural ingredients to help soothe and heal the perineal area during and after childbirth.

Carrying a growing baby for 9 months and giving birth is a special moment in your life, but there is a lot of damage being done down there. 

Fortunately, your body will go back to normal. The Organic Perineal Balm helps provide lasting, cooling comfort for pregnancy and postpartum. 

I love this product because it is made with organic herbs and oils and uses an exclusive blend of organic witch hazel, lavender, and peppermint to soothe and provide relief down there.

Image: Amazon

11. Supportive Shoes 

Supportive shoes with proper arch support and cushioning help alleviate foot swelling and discomfort and provide stability to your feet during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, your feet will expand and swell and you won’t be able to wear your regular shoes.

Having proper and comfortable shoes that provide good support is essential. And without a doubt, nurse shoes are the best shoes for pregnancy.


Well, nurses are on their feet for many hours at a time, don’t you think their feet swell up? If these shoes work for them, they for sure work for expecting moms.

These nurse shoes by Gales will keep your feet comfortable and supported. They are made with lightweight materials that are soft and durable.

The Ortholite insoles provide cushioning and arch support, while the slip-resistant soles ensure traction and safety on both wet and dry surfaces.

What to do next?

Whether you are in the first, second, or third trimester, these are 11 things that need to be on your pregnancy item list. 

Very soon you will welcome your new baby. We created a minimalist baby essentials checklist to help you find the essential items your baby needs for the first year.

And don’t forget to take care of your body after you give birth to your little one. Follow our recommended list of postpartum products to make your recovery easier.

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