Leslie Buch

Montessori Certified Guide and Mother

I am on a mission to help you support the growth and development of your child. With the right tools and proper guidance, you can navigate parenthood with confidence and assertion! My goal is to equip you with knowledge to help you construct a strong foundation for your child’s life.

A Family Approach

Every child is directly linked to a family unit. The physical, social, and psychological well-being of a child is positively impacted when both parents are actively involved in their child’s life.

Latinx Montessori sees the importance of providing a positive family dynamic and foster a common parenting style.

My Philosophy

As a mother and Montessori Guide, I recognize and respect the critical years of a child’s life. Motherhood has brought me to have the strong desire to share that Montessori at home should be practical and effortless and part of your everyday life.

Through evidence-based strategies and a scientific approach, I aim at empowering and providing you with tools to make this possible.

My passion is helping you to establish a strong foundation for yourself, your child, and your family.


B.A. Child and Family Studies

certification in Child Life

Montessori Certified Guide, CMI

Over 12 years of experience


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