7 Best Montessori Weaning Table And Chair Sets For Your Child

Top picks to help grow your child’s independence

Updated: July 25, 2023
Best Montessori weaning table and chair set

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I’ve researched and tested several weaning tables to see which one provides the best benefit to your child.

Our top choice is the weaning table and chair set by Montessori and Me. It is an affordable and versatile option that will help your child eat independently.

Your baby can begin using this weaning table and chair set as young as 8 months old. And the best part is that it grows with your child, so your baby will be using it for many years.

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Below are other options that will work for your child.

7 best Montessori weaning table and chair sets for infants and toddlers

Below are some of the best Montessori weaning tables, some of which come with a chair set.

Image: Montessori and me

1. Weaning table and chair set by Montessori and Me

Designed to develop your child’s independence. This is an affordable and versatile weaning table and chair set that grows with your child.

Our top pick is a weaning table and chair set by Montessori and Me for many reasons. 

First, we like how versatile this table and chair set is. It can be used as a weaning table, a stool, and an activity table. 

Second, you can introduce it to your infant as young as eight months old because it comes with a lower setting that is perfect for the tiniest babies.

As your child grows, the higher seat and tabletop can be used for many years to come, all the way up to kindergarten. 

And with its sturdy wooden design, you can count on it lasting through preschool years and beyond.

Lastly, we like how this weaning table was designed with the principles of Montessori education in mind to nurture your child’s independence.

It’s the perfect height to help your little one reach all their favorite places without needing your assistance.

Make sure you use coupon code LATINXMONTESSORI to save 10% on your order. And just to add another perk, your order can qualify for free shipping!

Image: Amazon

2. Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Table and 2 Chairs Set

Excellent option from a trusted brand that specializes in kids’ products.

The Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Table & Chairs Set is just right for kids from ages 3 to 8 years, making it the ideal spot for eating and activities.

Crafted from durable wood, this sturdy table and chair set is the perfect choice for all kinds of activities. 

Whether your child loves working on puzzles, creating arts and crafts, or enjoying meals with the entire family, this is the perfect table and chair set to support their independence.

With beautifully designed and high-quality toys, Melissa & Doug has been the gold standard in early childhood products for more than 30 years.

Image: Amazon

3. Brelley Kids Table and 4 Chairs Set

Multipurpose kids table and chair set that grows with your child. It is made of solid and non-toxic HDPE materials that are safe for your child.

This kids’ table and chair set is the perfect addition to your home, especially during mealtime. The adjustable height feature ensures that it can grow with your child, accommodating kids from 2-10 years old. 

We like the ergonomic design of the chairs because they ensure that your child’s spine is protected and that they sit comfortably. This is a great benefit that we haven’t seen elsewhere.

The table is large enough to provide ample space for a range of activities, including arts and crafts, eating, and reading.

Another thing we truly enjoyed was that your child can write on the table using dry-erase markers. This is a great way for your child to get creative! 

Like the previous option, this table and chair set is meant for kids ages two and up.

Image: Maisonette

4. Table and Chair Set by Teamson Kids

This child sized 2-way Table & Chairs Set offers endless uses and features a reversible chalkboard table top, underneath storage and coordinating chairs.

This is another brand we trust because they specialize in products for kids. And the table and chair set is one of the products that stood out when we compared it to other products.

Not only can this set be used as a weaning table, but you can also flip the table top over and convert it into a blackboard!

This is perfect to keep your child entertained after mealtime. And don’t worry about messes because the table is easy to clean.

It also comes with a spacious storage area located underneath the table. It has 4 compartments to place pens, pencils, markers, crayons, paints, paper, or coloring books.

The only thing missing is the ability to adjust the height. Again if you have an infant, this table won’t work but it is still perfect for older kids.

Image: Amazon

5. Sweet Home from Wood Montessori Wooden Table Set

Another super versatile option that promotes independence and creativity. Heck, your child can even use it as a small couch!

If you’re a Montessori parent looking for the perfect weaning table and chair set for your little ones, look no further than the Montessori Wooden Kids Play Table Set. 

Crafted by local craftsmen with expertise in woodworking, this table set is both sturdy and durable, ensuring that it will last for years to come.

One of the best features of this table set is the variety of options available. You can choose between a kid’s table and chair or two chairs, depending on your child’s needs. 

The set is also made from the highest quality Baltic birch plywood and painted with ecological, water-based VOC-free children’s furniture paint.

Image: Amazon

6. KidKraft Wooden Rectangular Table & 2 Chair Set

Premium rectangular table set for kids that are crafted from recyclable materials for long-lasting play.

If you’re looking for a great way to make mealtime easier and more enjoyable for your kids, look no further than the KidKraft Table and Chair Set

This table is the perfect height and size for four kids to sit comfortably, giving each of them their own space for snacks, meals, and socializing.

The table is designed with a gloss finish that makes cleaning up easier. This is a great way to have your child help clean the table and learn the importance of cleaning up after themselves.

We like the farmhouse look because it fits in well with many popular home decor styles, and it’s available in a variety of colors to match your personal taste.

The only thing to consider is that this table and chair set is made for older kids. If you have an infant or young toddler, the weaning table and chair set from Montessori and Me is the best option.

Image: Amazon

7. KidKraft Wooden Modern Table & 2 Chair Set

A great weaning table by KidKraft with improved features like rounded corners to ensure your child’s safety.

With its clean lines and sleek design, the KidKraft Wooden Table and Chair set is sure to be a hit with parents and kids alike.

Crafted from premium, recyclable materials, this table and chair set is built to last for years of playtime. 

The angled legs of the chairs provide added stability, and the rounded corners ensure that your child can play safely.

This set is not only functional but also fun! It’s the perfect place for your kids to gather and play or have a snack. And with a durable painted or stained finish, this set will look ageless through the years.

What to do next?

These are the best Montessori weaning tables I recommend to help your child gain independence. 

Now that your child has a weaning table, you can begin the baby-led weaning process, so make sure you check out my article to make baby-led weaning a breeze. 

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