7 Best Montessori Bath Toys That Make Bathtime Fun

Best Montessori bath toys

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We created a list of the best Montessori bath toys to help you turn bathtime into an exciting and engaging part of your child’s day.

Our favorite Montessori bath toys are the Elephant Basketball Game, Fishing Bath Toy, and Washable Bath Crayons

These toys are open-ended and can be used together to make your child’s bath time routine even more fun!

Bathtime is more than just a daily self-care routine. It is also a great time for your child to continue to develop their motor skills, creativity, and artistic talents.

Our quick verdict

  1. Elephant Basketball Game. Best interactive Montessori bath toy.

  2. Fishing Bath Toy. Best bath toy to encourage coordination.

  3. Washable Bath Crayons. Best to unleash your child’s artistic skills.

  4. Boon Bath Pipes. Best building bath toy.

  5. Bathtub Ball Track Set. Best to improve visual tracking.

  6. Dinos Foam Toys. Best animal bath toy.

  7. Squigz Starter Set. Best Montessori bath toy to encourage creativity.

7 best Montessori bath toys

These Montessori bath toys will encourage your child to engage in creative play while they develop logical thinking skills.

Image: Hape

1. Elephant Basketball Game

Your child will become the best player on the court and have tons of bath time fun with their hoop and four small, soft balls that float.

This basketball game will turn bathtime into a mini sports arena that fosters active play, skill development, and a splash of joy your child will love.

Your little one can improve hand-eye coordination by aiming and tossing the soft, grip-friendly balls into the floating hoop. 

As they retrieve the balls from the water, they enhance fine motor skills and build confidence.

The drawstring net easily folds for storage. This will teach your child how to pack away their bath toy and put it away.

Image: Haba

2. Fishing Bath Toy

Watch as your child improves their coordination by casting out the fishing rod to hook the five colorful fish squirters.

We have a lot of fun playing with this fishing bath toy.

Your child can practice catching each fish with the fishing rod or practice squeezing them for a playful splash.

This is a great toy to teach your child basic colors. You can tell your child to catch the red fish, then the blue fish, and so on until they have caught all of the fish.

This fun activity will help your child improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

So make bathtime a thrilling fishing expedition, blending fun and skill-building in a way that’ll “reel in” their excitement every time.

Image: Honeysticks

3. Washable Bath Crayons

Unleash your child’s inner artist with these Washable Bath Crayons!

Our daughter loves to draw and paint so getting these washable bath crayons was a no-brainer. 

I am sure your little one is also a great artist, so let their imagination flow as they draw on wet surfaces. These crayons will promote their artistic expression and fine motor skills. 

And the best part? They’re washable and plastic-free so you never have to worry about a messy cleanup. 

So just sit back and watch as they create underwater masterpieces, turning every bath into a vibrant and imaginative experience!

Image: Amazon

4. Boon Bath Pipes

These are great bath pipes to introduce your child to basic building concepts.

This is another of our favorite bath toys because our daughter has a great time building her waterfalls.

Since there is no right or wrong way to use these bath pipes, your child will improve their critical thinking skills and imagination to build their water flow systems. 

We like how you can combine all the pipes, cogs, and tubes in various ways. And the gears work great and spin as your child pours water.

Another great benefit is that you’ll never get your floors wet. The suction cups work great so all of the water will stay in your tub.

Image: Haba

5. Bathtub Ball Track Set

Bring the joy of water play into your child’s bath time with this exciting set featuring a watering can, a water wheel, and a funnel!

This is a simple Montessori bath toy that engages your child’s senses. The watering can refines their fine motor skills and understanding of cause and effect.

As your child pours water and the water wheel spins, they enhance visual tracking skills and hand-eye coordination. 

The interactive nature of filling and releasing water makes bath time a playful exploration.

Image: Edushape

6. Dinos Foam Toys

Transform bath time into a prehistoric adventure with these Dino-themed Bath Foam Toys!

This simple but engaging bath toy makes our entire bath time routine go smoothly.

Your child will create stories as they play with these foam dinosaurs which encourages visual sensory development and sparks a love for imaginative play.

What we like about these foam dinosaurs is that they easily stick to any smooth surface, so your child can play with them not just during bathtime.

We also like how they are the perfect size so your child can practice grasping them and improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

And cleaning up is easy with the mesh storage bag that is included, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess.

Image: Fat Brain Toys

7. Squigz Starter Set

These suction cup wonders will turn bath time into an imaginative and developmental playground for your child! 

These flexible and vibrant toys offer various developmental benefits and are one of the reasons we love them! 

As your child connects and builds with Squigz, they enhance fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. 

We like how the open-ended nature of Squigz promotes creativity and allows your little one to explore endless building possibilities.

Their suction cups adhere to the tub walls and your child can build structures and experiment with different arrangements.

What makes bath toys Montessori?

First off, let us first clarify that there is no such thing as a “Montessori toy.” When we talk about Montessori toys, we are talking about toys that align with the Montessori philosophy.

These Montessori bath toys are designed to promote hands-on exploration, independence, and self-discovery. 

Unlike traditional toys that simply entertain, Montessori bath toys engage your children in purposeful activities and help them develop their senses and fine motor skills. 

These toys are often open-ended, have a sensory focus, and provide various opportunities for tactile exploration and water play. 

I do have to say that most Montessori toys are made of wood but it can be hard to find bath toys made from natural materials.

So it is OK to bend the rules a bit and get bath toys made of plastic as long as you include bath toys that nurture your child’s development.

What to look for when choosing the right Montessori bath toys

Here is what we typically look for in Montessori bath toys:

  1. Open-ended play: Choose toys that allow for diverse ways of play and have no specific outcome because this will encourage creativity and imagination.
  2. Simple design: We always say that simplicity is key, so prioritize toys with simple designs to avoid unnecessary distractions and allow for focused exploration.
  3. Practical life skills: Look for toys that promote practical life skills such as pouring and scooping. These simple movements will foster your child’s independence and coordination.
  4. Real-world connection: Toys that reflect real-world objects or animals help your child establish a connection with their environment.
  5. Safety and quality: Ensure that the toys you choose are easy to clean and free from harmful chemicals to prevent mold buildup.

Bath toys FAQs

From personal experience, you can introduce bath toys when your baby begins to sit up on their own. 

At around 6 months of age, they’re more curious and can grasp objects as they float on the tub. They will go from splashing in the water to exploring with their bath toys.

You can replace bath toys every 6-12 months or when you see some tear and wear.

I also suggest you keep an eye out for mold buildup. Even the safest bath toys can grow mold and bacteria and this should be a sign to discard the toy immediately.

Use the toys we recommend in this article! The bath crayons are great for improving your child’s artistic skills.

The basketball game is great for bonding with your child as you hoop together, and the fishing bath toy will take your child on a fishing expedition.

This simple addition to your child’s daily routine will make bathtime more exciting and engaging.

What to do next?

These are the best Montessori bath toys that will turn bathtime into an engaging part of your child’s day. 

Make sure to read how play schemas and sensorial activities can further nurture your child’s development.

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