19 Best Potty Training Treats For Toddlers That Work!

potty training treats for toddlers

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Are you ready to start potty training your toddler? These are the 19 best potty training treats for toddlers to make potty training easier and effortless.

Sticker charts, building blocks, and jars full of surprises are just a few potty training treats for toddlers that are HIGHLY effective.

Potty training is a challenging task for both you and your child. After all, your child is learning a new skill and it takes a long time to master this skill.

But with the right rewards for potty training and consistency, you can say goodbye to pee and poop messes.

So make sure to try these potty training treats and stick to the ones that work best.

Best potty training treats for toddlers

Choose one, two, or a few potty training reward ideas that work for you and continue to use them throughout your potty training journey.

1. Offer Words of Encouragement

I firmly believe that intrinsic motivation works best because it has great outcomes. This is the method I use and it has been working wonderfully.

Offer heartfelt words of support to encourage your child to feel proud of their potty training journey.

Let them know how amazing it is that they’re learning this new skill. Use phrases like “You’re going in the potty all by yourself!” and “I’m so proud of you for using the potty.” 

These words of encouragement can boost your child’s confidence and make them excited to continue using the potty on their own. 

Your child will mimic your actions and behavior. So make sure to always have a positive attitude and genuine excitement so they can feel accomplished and motivated.

2. Share Their Success with a Loved One

Your child will feel accomplished when he uses the potty successfully and I know they will want to share this success with their loved ones.

Get your phone and have your child Facetime with their grandparents, uncles, aunts, or other family members. 

And let your child personally tell them about their potty successes. Their smile and enthusiastic recounting will also strengthen their bond with that special person. 

This simple act will make your child feel important and accomplished, so every potty training success is worth celebrating.

3. Get New Stickers

Children love stickers! We always have sticker sheets ready because our daughter loves them. Every time they use the potty successfully, they can choose a sticker to add to their collection. 

Give your child a new collection of stickers to celebrate their potty training progress. These stickers can be displayed proudly to remind your child of their achievements. 

This simple and effective reward reinforces their accomplishments and adds an element of fun to their potty routine. 

Make sure to have stickers of their favorite characters, animals, or colors ready. They will be excited to get a new sticker and this will make the process more enjoyable and motivating for your child.

4. Build a Tower with Blocks

Celebrate your child’s progress by building a tower with blocks. LEGO® or similar building blocks work best because they snap together and won’t fall.

Each time your child successfully uses the potty, give them a block so they can begin building a tower.

This visual representation of their progress can make them feel accomplished and proud. Your child’s confidence and motivation will strengthen as their tower reaches new heights.

This hands-on reward will add a playful twist to potty training and nurture their spatial and fine motor skills as they take the role of a civil engineer.

5. Potty Training Sticker Chart

If stickers are fun, the sticker chart will take your child’s excitement to another level.

A sticker chart visually tracks your child’s potty training achievements. Every time they successfully use the potty, they can place a sticker on the chart. 

This creates a satisfying visual record of their progress and motivates them to continue their efforts. 

You and your child can discuss the stickers they choose and celebrate their journey towards potty independence. 

The sticker chart transforms potty training into an engaging activity and strengthens the connection between you and your child.

6. Popsicle Stick Basket

Create a popsicle stick basket filled with fun activities to add an element of surprise to potty training.

Get a stack of popsicle sticks and write different activities on each stick, such as “go to the park,” “sing a song,” or “do a dance” and put them in a basket.

You and your child can decorate the basket to make this reward more exciting.

After each successful potty use, your child can pick a stick from the basket and enjoy the activity with you. 

This not only makes potty time exciting but also encourages interaction and laughter between you and your child. 

The anticipation of picking a popsicle stick adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the potty routine and strengthens the bond as you both engage in these playful moments together.

7. Potty Science

I am sure you can agree that science experiments are fun regardless of age. If you like science experiments, your child will LOVE them!

Get some liquid food coloring of different colors. Add a drop of food coloring to the toilet or potty and let your child see the water change color.

This simple and fascinating experiment sparks their curiosity and introduces a fun element to the process. 

You can explain the science behind it in an age-appropriate manner. You can say that this is a mixture and the food coloring and water mix together to become one thing.

And by the way, this only works with pee. Poop will automatically change the color of the water!

8. Make Bubbles

What child doesn’t like bubbles? Bubble play can make potty time more exciting. This is a fun and simple activity to reward your child as they make progress. 

And to make this activity more exciting, your child can help you make the bubble solution. Just add water, food coloring, and dish soap to a water bottle and make a wand using floral wire.

The playfulness of bubbles can create a positive association with using the potty and make your child look forward to this special time.

mom and child blowing bubbles

9. Get New Potty Books

Introduce new potty-themed books to your child’s collection to fuel their curiosity and love for reading. 

Each time your child successfully uses the potty, write down the name of a book. And after, say, 10 successful potty sessions, let your child choose one of the books on the list.

This reward celebrates their progress, nurtures their cognitive development, and encourages a passion for reading. 

Reading together during potty breaks gives you dedicated time for bonding and fosters a positive attitude toward potty training. 

Most importantly, you’ll build lasting memories while promoting their language skills.

10. Balloon Fun

Balloons are fun and every child enjoys them. This makes them great potty training rewards for your little one. 

Surprise your child with a colorful balloon every time they successfully use the potty.

Your child can play with the balloon, watch it float around, or even dance with it, turning potty breaks into a lively and enjoyable experience. 

You can also give your child different colored balloons and learn about colors. As your child begins to recognize colors, let them choose the color of the balloon.

11. Potty Training Watch

This is a great way to encourage your child to use the potty on their own. I’ve known parents who use a potty training watch and this has helped their child use the potty successfully. 

Set the watch to remind them when it’s time to use the potty. When the watch buzzes or beeps, it’s their cue to take a potty break. 

This wearable reminder empowers your child to take charge of their potty routine and fosters a sense of independence. 

Encourage them to reset the watch after each successful use to make them an active participant in the process.

12. Treasure Chest

Create a treasure chest of rewards and embark on a fun adventure. 

Get a shoe box or small shipping box, decorate it with your child, and fill it with small objects like toys or trinkets. But don’t let your child see the rewards because they are a surprise. 

Each time your child uses the potty, have them pick an item from the treasure chest. Potty time will be more exciting and motivating because they want to know what is inside the treasure chest.

13. Cook a Special Meal

Bake a cake, make some muffins, or cook your child’s favorite meal. This is a fun way to turn potty training victories into a culinary celebration. 

Let your child choose ingredients and participate in age-appropriate cooking tasks. Maybe they are not ready to flip pancakes yet but they can add ingredients to the pancake mix.

As you prepare and enjoy the meal, talk about their achievements and how proud you are of their progress. 

This delightful reward nourishes their sense of accomplishment and nurtures their connection with you as you savor the fruits of your teamwork.

14. Have Your Child Choose New Books

Reading never gets boring, especially when your child chooses their own books.

Take a trip to the bookstore or your local library and select books that capture your child’s imagination. 

This reward system will strengthen your child’s love for reading and motivate them to use the potty. 

So dive into new stories and share the joy of discovering new worlds through books.

child reading a book

15. Give Your Child a HUGE Surprise

Create a sense of anticipation and excitement with the promise of a “HUGE” surprise. 

Decorate a shoebox and fill it with slips of paper, each containing something your child loves or enjoys, like an activity, outing, or treat. 

Each time your child successfully uses the potty, add a new slip to the box. When the box is full, your child gets to choose one slip as their well-earned reward. 

This surprise-filled approach adds an element of mystery and thrill to their potty training journey.


16. Dance to Their Favorite Song

Make potty time a dance party by grooving to your child’s favorite song. After they successfully use the potty, put on their chosen tune and dance together. 

This lively reward not only adds an element of fun to the routine but also strengthens your bond through shared laughter and movement. 

Dancing to their favorite song creates a positive association with potty time and fosters a sense of joy and connection between you and your child.


17. Potty Training Tree

This is one of my favorite activities to do not just for potty training, but every time my child learns something new.

Make a tree using construction paper and cut out leaves. Tape the tree to the bathroom wall. Every time your child uses the potty, add a leaf to the tree. 

Little by little, your child will see the tree grow. And as the tree grows with each accomplishment, your child’s sense of achievement and pride will also blossom. 

This interactive reward will encourage consistency and provide a tangible reminder of their hard work. 

Your joint effort in adding leaves to the tree becomes a shared experience that strengthens your bond and reinforces the idea that success grows over time.


18. Potty Doll

Potty dolls can accompany your child in their potty training journey. These dolls are designed to “drink and pee” and can encourage your child to potty.

The doll can “use” the potty alongside your child, modeling the behavior you’re encouraging. 

After successful potty trips, your child can celebrate with the doll, offering praise and sharing their achievement. 

This almost real representation of the process adds a playful element to potty training and facilitates role-play interactions between your child and their potty training doll.


19. Pom Pom Jar

This is another great activity that adds excitement to potty training. 

Get a small mason jar and each time your child successfully uses the potty, add a pom pom to the jar. Once the jar is full, your child gets to choose a new toy as a special reward. 

This may seem like a long rewards process but your child will feel the excitement when they see that the mason jar is full and they get to choose a new toy.


How to transition out of potty training rewards

Potty training rewards are used to motivate your child to use the potty. But one day, you will have to discontinue the rewards system.

The ultimate goal is to help your child embrace using the potty independently, without external incentives.

But how do you do that without regression?

Gradually reduce the frequency of rewards. Instead of offering a reward for every successful potty use, acknowledge successes after every few instances. 

This helps your child understand that using the potty successfully is its own reward, and they will begin to feel a sense of accomplishment and independence.

You can also tell your child that using the potty is part of their daily routine like washing hands and eating lunch. 

Explain that they are growing and learning and that rewards are no longer necessary for using the potty. Frame this as a reflection of their increasing maturity and capability.

Gradually shift the focus from tangible rewards to verbal encouragement. Express how proud you are of their progress and highlight their efforts. 

These positive words help them connect their achievements with the potty training process. As you move forward, consider celebrating milestones instead of individual instances. 

If they have accidents during the transition, let them help to clean up any messes. They will learn that this is a natural consequence and also reinforce the importance of using the potty properly.

As you navigate this transition, consistently offer encouragement, understanding, and positive reinforcement. 

This will empower your child to successfully move beyond potty training rewards while maintaining their achievements.


What to do next?

These are the best potty training treats for toddlers that work. Pick one or two, test them out, and stick to the one that works for you and your child.

I encourage you to read my article that can help with potty training the Montessori way. These 11 simple tips will make potty training easier for you and your child.

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