Ten Little First Walkers: The Best Shoes For Early Walkers

ten little first walkers - best shoes for early walkers

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Honest Ten Little First Walkers review

Our daughter has been wearing Ten Little shoes ever since she began walking.

When I was looking for some of the best shoes for early walkers, I purchased the Ten Little First Walkers plus a few other brands to see which ones were better.

I fell in love with Ten Little shoes so much that I decided to write this review. 

Not only do they have a wide toe box and thin soles, but they also have the Seal of Approval by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

This Seal of Approval ensures that the Ten Little First Walkers support your baby’s healthy foot development.

I trust these shoes so much that I included them as the top choice of the best shoes for new walkers.

Why these are the best shoes for early walkers

The Ten Little First Walkers checked off all of my requirements for the best baby shoes:

  • Foot-shaped toe box: The First Walker shoes are crafted with foot-shaped toe boxes, ensuring ample room for your baby’s toes to wiggle and grow.

  • Flat and flexible soles: These shoes have flat soles that allow for healthy development and natural movement as your baby takes those wobbly steps.

  • Adjustable velcro straps: The shoes come with adjustable velcro straps that provide a secure fit.

  • Extended wide opening: I like how easy it is to put them on thanks to the wide opening.

  • Soft and breathable cotton upper: I like the breathability which reduces bad foot odor, plus the cotton material is washable.

  • High-traction rubber outsoles: The outsoles offer excellent traction for stability.

What makes Ten Little First Walkers unique?

The wide, foot-shaped toe box

ten little first walkers-wide toe box

The first thing that impressed me was the wide toe box. It gives my child’s feet plenty of room to grow.

This was very important to me because the right shoe design sets the foundation for healthy foot development as mentioned by APMA. 

Unlike generic shoes that have small toe boxes, the First Walkers give your child’s feet plenty of room to grow.

Now, just imagine your little one taking those first steps. With roomy toe boxes, their toes can spread out naturally, just like when they’re barefoot. 

This promotes balance and stability because your baby can “grasp” the ground as if they were walking barefoot.

The wide toe box also reduces the risk of bunions, hammertoes, and other issues that can arise from cramped footwear because your baby’s feet are not being squeezed together.

Flat and flexible soles

ten little first walkers- flexible soles

Some generic shoes have chunky, hard soles that disconnect babies from sensory experiences. Ten Little’s First Walkers keep them grounded.

Your baby’s feet are forming arches, developing muscles, and learning to balance. Rigid soles can hinder this process and lead to foot problems like those I mentioned earlier.

The Ten Little First Walkers promote healthy muscle development. The flexible soles allow their foot muscles to strengthen naturally.

They also provide a stable base that helps my daughter find her footing. These shoes do not have a heel rise that can throw her off balance.

The most important benefit I like about the thin soles is that they let my daughter feel the ground beneath her feet because this provides a lot of sensory stimulation.

Adjustable velcro straps

I like how the adjustable velcro straps adapt to my daughter’s growing feet. 

It is also quick and simple to strap the shoes because as your baby grows, they will fight you, and can get hard and frustrating trying to put the shoes on them!

Another great thing about the velcro straps is that your baby will learn how to strap them on their own which helps them become a bit more independent.

Wide opening

ten little first walkers- wide opening

Some generic shoes have openings that are too small and make it difficult to put them on your baby.

Similar to the straps, the wide opening allows for easy on and off. You can slip them on effortlessly without tugging, pulling, or pleading with tiny toes.

This also means less fuss and tantrums because you don’t have to struggle to put them on your baby.


Breathable and washable cotton upper

Some generic baby shoes are made of synthetic materials that trap heat.

But the Ten Little First Walkers are made of 100% cotton, which is breathable and washable.

I like how these shoes keep my baby’s feet dry because they allow constant airflow so her feet can breathe.

And if she gets them dirty while playing outside or jumping in puddles, I can just throw them in the washer.


Available colors

The First Walkers by Ten Little come in a few sizes and color options. Since they are made for babies learning to walk, they only go up to size 6.

Color options

5 (heather gray, navy blue, rose pink, sage green, ocean blue)

Size options

7 (3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6)

What to do next?

If you are looking for the best shoes for early walkers, then look no further. I have been using Ten Little shoes since my daughter began to walk.

So head over to their website and make sure to get a pair or two of the First Walkers.

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