5 Best Montessori Balance Boards For Kids

best montessori balance boards

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This is a detailed review of the 5 best Montessori balance boards to help your child improve their balance, coordination, self-esteem, and life skills.

My daughter has been using a balance board since she was 9 months old and I have seen her motor skills and confidence improve.

As a Montessori Guide, I always focus on the overall development of a child. And this is why I highly recommend you add a balance board to your list of Montessori toys.

Our favorite one is the Wonder & Wise Balance Board. The design pattern on this board and its high quality make it a must-have for every child.

But there are more options depending on your needs, so here is our full review of some of the best balance boards.

Our quick verdict:

  1. Wonder & Wise Balance Board. Best Montessori balance board overall.

  2. Bunny Hopkins Balance Board Starter Size. Best balance board for infants and younger toddlers. 

  3. Bunny Hopkins Wobble Board. Best balance board for older children. 

  4. Kinderfeets Kinderboard Balance Board. Best affordable balance board. 

  5. All Circles PlayBoard. Best wooden balance board.

5 best Montessori balance boards

Made for kids, approved by parents. Here are the best wooden balance boards to support your child’s development.

Image: Wonder & Wise

1. Wonder & Wise Balance Board 

While most balance boards are plain in color, the texture of this balance board improves its aesthetics. 

This balance board by Wonder & Wise is perfectly made using 11 layers of birch and beech wood and decorated using non-toxic and water-based paint. 

Something that can be improved is the weight limit as it is rated to withstand only 170 pounds. Most children may not reach this weight so the weight limit of the balance board should not discourage you from buying it.

I like how this balance board can be used in multiple ways. Your child can place the balance board on a higher surface like your couch and use it as a ramp, or they can turn it into a reading nook.

  • Built for quality
  • Made with child safety in mind
  • Can be used in various ways
  • It can only hold a maximum of 170 pounds

Image: Bunny Hopkins

2. Bunny Hopkins Balance Board Starter Size 

This is the perfect introductory balance board for crawlers, new walkers, or toddlers needing more challenging activities.

What makes this balance board different is its smaller curvature. This is perfect for babies to crawl over it and for toddlers to challenge themselves while improving their balance, coordination, and motor skills.

Even though this balance board is designed for young toddlers, the maximum weight limit is 450 pounds! So you too can hop on it and have fun with your child!

  • ASTM F963 and EN 71/3 safety certified
  • 450 lbs weight limit!
  • Made of American Maple wood
  • Made with non-toxic child-safe materials
  • Your child will outgrow it

Image: Bunny Hopkins

3. Bunny Hopkins Wobble Board Regular Size 

This is another great balance board by Bunny Hopkins. Once your child outgrows the starter size (mentioned previously), they will be ready to move on to a more challenging balance board.

This balance board has a larger curvature which makes balancing more challenging. The complexity of this balance board will help your child take their creativity and skill development to another level.

I like how smooth the surface of this balance board is. Similar to other Bunny Hopkins balance boards, it is made with child-safe, non-toxic materials and can also withstand up to 450 pounds.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should not use it on wooden floors, vinyl, or tile as it may scratch your floor or can cause slipping.

  • 450 lbs weight limit!
  • Great for older children and even adults
  • US, Europe, and Canada Child Safety Certified
  • Very easy to clean
  • Using it on tile floors can cause slipping

Image: Kinderfeets

4. Kinderfeets Kinderboard Balance Board 

This is the best budget-friendly balance board we found. A low price compared to the high quality of this balance board is all I was wishing for!

When I first saw this balance board, I immediately loved the natural grain texture. This is because Kinderfeets designed this balance board to align with the Waldorf educational method.

The Kinderboard Balance board will support your child’s physical and mental development while serving as a sustainable and versatile option to explore free play. 

And with a maximum weight limit of 485 pounds (the highest I’ve seen), this balance board will provide years of entertainment.

Kinderfeet put a lot of thought and love into this balance board. It may look simple, but the complex manufacturing process to make this balance board is what sets it apart.

  • 485 lbs weight limit!
  • Available in bamboo and other beechwood colors
  • Crafted using European Beech plywood (a heavier, denser, and stronger timber)
  • The curve may be too steep to use as a slide

Image: All Circles

5. All Circles PlayBoard

As of the date of this review, this balance board is rated 5/5 stars on All Circles website. And this is because it is the best wooden balance board we’ve found on the market.

The design of this balance board is different from those I previously mentioned. Instead of using multiple layers of curved wood, it is made of a series of wood planks attached to curved ends.

Its unique design makes it very stable and durable. The smooth and rounded edges can help prevent your little ones from getting their fingers caught while rocking. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that if you are looking for a balance board that grows with your child, then look no further as this balance board is perfect for children 10+ years old.

  • FSC Certified Birch Wood and Stainless Steel fasteners
  • Designed to ASTM Safety Standards
  • Made for ages crawling up to 10 years
  • Simple assembly required

What else should I know about Montessori balance boards?

I want to share a few more tips and observations based on my experience of owning a balance board that will make using this tool safe and enjoyable.

Balance board safety tips

As a parent, I always ensure that my child is safe when she uses a balance board. So I would like to share some tips you can use to ensure the safety of your child.

  1. Always supervise your child. The balance board is a safe tool to improve your child’s motor skills but keep in mind that accidents happen. Always supervise your child, especially if you have an infant or young toddler because their balance and coordination skills are not fully developed.

  2. Choose the right size and type of balance board. Choose a balance board that is the right size and type for your child. For infants, I recommend the Bunny Hopkins Balance Board Starter Size. The board you buy should be sturdy and if possible, have a non-slip surface to prevent slips and falls.

  3. Provide a safe environment. Make sure your child is using the balance board in a safe environment. Remove any potential obstacles or hazards and make sure that your child uses the balance board on a soft surface like carpet or a mat.

  4. Start slow and easy. It’s important to start slow and easy when using a balance board. Encourage your child to start with simple movements, such as standing or rocking back and forth. As they gain more confidence and skill, they can progress to more challenging movements.

  5. Teach proper form and technique. The Kinderboard Balance board holds up to 485 lbs, so you can hop on it and show your child how to use the balance board safely. Encourage them to keep their feet shoulder-width apart and their knees slightly bent.

  6. Set time limits. Limit the amount of time your child spends on the balance board to prevent overuse or fatigue. Give your child enough breaks and plenty of water during extended play sessions.

Benefits of balance boards

So the balance board is just a form of entertainment, right? 


The benefits of using a balance board are endless. Here are just a few things you will see in your child when they begin using a balance board:

  1. Improved balance and coordination. The balance board will help your child develop a better sense of body awareness and control, which can translate to other physical activities and sports.

  2. Enhanced motor skills. Balance boards enhance your children’s fine and gross motor skills.

  3. Improved core strength. Let me tell you, if you step on a balance board, you will get a nice workout! Your body uses your core muscles to maintain balance. Just spend a few minutes playing on the balance board and your core will strengthen and you might even see some improvement in your posture!

  4. Increased focus and concentration. Trying to balance on a balance board requires lots of concentration and focus. This translates to improved attention span and focus in your child.

  5. Improved confidence. As your children develop their balance and coordination skills on the balance board, they can gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their abilities. This also helps them feel more confident and self-assured in other areas of their life as well.

  6. Provides a fun and engaging activity. The balance board is a great way to have fun while playing. Even you will have lots of fun playing with your child!

Balance boards are great for infants and toddlers

You’re probably thinking: “I have an infant, I don’t need a balance board.” 

This is far from the truth. Infants can also benefit from a balance board.

Balance boards can help develop your baby’s sense of balance and equilibrium. As your baby grows, they learn to sit, crawl, and eventually walk, and a balance board can aid in this process. 

Just observe how your infant interacts with the balance board. They will begin to develop their sense of balance and coordination, even before they can stand or walk. 

This helps prepare them for the next stages of their physical development.

For toddlers, on the other hand, they may be walking or showing signs of wanting to walk. When your toddler uses the balance board, they will learn to shift their weight, maintain balance, and even engage in playful movements such as twisting and turning. 

These movements help develop core strength and stability, which are crucial for future physical development such as running, jumping, and climbing. But make sure you exercise too, you’ll need to be in shape to keep up with your child!

Montessori balance boards FAQs

Do you still have questions? Don’t worry, the FAQs below will help you guide your buying decision or give you a wider overview of balance boards.

My little one started using her balance board when she was about 9 months old, but we also supervised a lot. 

Balance boards are typically designed for children as young as 18 months old and up to 8 years old. The exact recommended age varies by manufacturer so I recommend you read the manufacturer’s instructions.

In my personal experience, yes, a 1-year-old can use a wobble board with adult supervision. Just make sure that you choose a wobble board that is appropriate for your child’s age and developmental stage. 

I recommend a wobble board with a lower profile and wider base for younger children because it is more stable.

Both balance boards and wobble boards are used to promote balance and coordination, but there are some key differences between the two. 

A balance board typically has a flat surface with a curved bottom, while a wobble board has a rounded bottom that allows it to wobble back and forth and side to side. This makes a wobble board more challenging to balance on, as it requires more control and coordination.

Absolutely! Balance boards are worth it for kids because they provide numerous benefits for physical and cognitive development. 

Do TVs and video games provide the same benefits? NO!

I much prefer to have my child play on a balance board for as long as she wants instead of being stuck to the TV for a few minutes.

What to do next?

So there you have it, the best Montessori balance boards to help your child develop gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. I’d love to know which one you bought for your little one.

I am always sharing tips and strategies to make parenting less complicated while helping your child become independent and self-sufficient. 

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