9 Best Montessori Sorting Toys For 2 Year Olds

Best Montessori sorting toys for 2 year olds

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This is our complete list of the best Montessori sorting toys for 2 year olds to help your child improve essential skills for early childhood development.

My daughter has used some of these toys and has gotten a ton of use out of them. From shape sorters to puzzles, these Montessori sorting toys will keep your child thinking all the time.

We are very intentional about the toys we get our daughter and always emphasize motor skills and brain development.

As a Montessori Guide with over a decade of experience, I can safely say that these sorting toys will also help your child gain independence and improve their problem-solving skills.

9 best Montessori sorting toys for 2 year olds

These sorting toys are fun and challenging and will help your child learn colors, shapes, and patterns and improve their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity.

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1. Rainbow color sorting balls

The Color Sorting Ball Set is an exciting way to help your toddler learn and grow. It’s perfect for their sensitive period for order and for them to understand colors and sorting. 

Your child will develop their motor skills as they sort the balls by color and transfer them between bowls and cups. 

A drawstring bag comes with this toy and this helps your child to pack away the sorting toy when they are done using it.

Image: My Monte Home

2. Sorting tray with colored pieces 

This Wooden Sorting Tray is a great Montessori sorting toy for your child’s development. 

Your child will improve their hand-eye coordination and sense of touch by sorting each wooden shell into its respective compartment. 

The sorting tray also helps in refining your child’s grasping skills and developing various hand and wrist movements. 

It offers a fun and educational experience that your child will love while helping them learn essential skills.

Image: My Monte Home

3. Wooden Pegs 

The Wooden Pegboard is a great open-ended Montessori toy for children. This is one of our favorite toys and our daughter loves it. 

It comes with 25 colored wooden pegs and a wooden board to place the pegs. 

This sorting toy will help your child improve their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and color-sorting abilities. 

It also fosters critical thinking, practicality, and patience as your child sorts each peg, makes patterns, or builds high columns.

Image: My Monte Home

4. Lockbox with object and tray 

This set of six wooden lock boxes is designed to help your toddler explore shapes, colors, and spatial relationships. 

It’s a hands-on way to strengthen fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities as they place geometric shapes on the right boxes. 

The chunky wooden shapes are easy to handle, and the colored doors help your child learn shapes and colors.

Image: Ten Little

5. Wooden sorting bus 

The Sorting Bus comes with three colorful shapes and a pull tab on top and is a great way to practice sorting and counting. 

This sorting toy will encourage your child to develop their mathematical, problem-solving, fine motor, and communication skills through active play. 

It’s sustainably made with safe materials, so you can feel good about your child’s playtime.

Image: Guidecraft

6. Sort and stack shapes 

The Sort and Stack Shapes set is an educational toy to help your child learn math concepts, recognize colors, and develop matching skills with the wooden shapes and dowels.

These smooth, colorful blocks are perfect for your child’s little hands to hold and sort so they can improve fine motor control. 

It’s a great way to introduce your child to early math and color recognition.

Image: Guidecraft

7. Starter circle fractions 

The Starter Circle Fractions set is a Montessori toy that encourages your child to explore fractions, counting, sorting, and stacking with the colorful rubberwood pieces. 

It comes with quarter, third, half, and whole shapes so your child can develop a deeper understanding of numbers and one-to-one relationships. 

The corresponding puzzle board makes sorting easy and fun while still helping your child learn about fractions.

Image: Guidecraft

8. Count by color cylinders 

Your child will practice counting, matching, and identifying colors and shapes with the Count by Color Cylinders.

The tactile cylinders have colorful stripes that match the activity board so your child can grasp the concept of one-to-one relationships and meaningful counting. 

The activity board is made out of durable wood and is reinforced with soft plastic handles that make it easy for your child to move around.

Image: Haba

9. Rainbow whirls pegging game 

The HABA Pegging Game is a beloved classic and a Montessori learning favorite! 

This wooden board features 16 bright pegs and 16 rings and provides hours of creative and imaginative play for your toddlers. 

It helps them develop cognitive skills like color recognition, counting, and patterning while having fun. 

Why introduce Montessori sorting toys at 2 years of age

As our daughter turns 2 years old soon, we are very intentional about the toys we get for her because we want to continue nurturing her development.

Why is this important for your child? Because at 2 years old, your child’s cognitive development is in full swing, and they are actively exploring their environment. 

Sorting toys provide opportunities for them to categorize objects based on color, shape, and size and helps them understand basic concepts like matching and grouping.

Their fine motor skills are also improving at this age. Your child is developing the dexterity and hand-eye coordination needed to manipulate objects effectively. 

Many sorting toys come with small pieces and this helps your child refine their fine motor skills. They need to be precise at grasping and sorting these toys.

These Montessori sorting toys also help your child understand basic math like counting and quantity. 

The Starter Circle Fractions toy is an excellent toy to learn basic fractions. Your child will learn how to complete a whole piece based on the number of individual pieces provided.

Sorting toys help with autism

Montessori sorting toys provide structured and predictable activities that can help create a sense of comfort and security for children with autism. 

The tactile and visual elements of sorting toys can engage sensory processing and promote sensory integration.

Some children with autism can have challenges developing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination and sorting toys can help them improve these skills.

The repetitive movements of sorting also provide a calming and self-regulating activity and can help them focus their attention and improve concentration.

What to do next?

This is our complete list of the best Montessori sorting toys for 2 year olds to promote their cognitive, motor, and social skills through hands-on, self-directed learning.

You can combine sorting toys with Montessori climbing toys or Pikler triangles so your child improves critical thinking, balance, coordination, and independence.

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