5 Best Overnight Pull-ups For Heavy Wetters

best overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters

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We’ve researched and tested various diapers to bring you the best overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters.

HealthyBaby Pull Up Diapers are our top choice because they are breathable, keep your baby dry and comfortable, and have increased absorbency for long nights.

Most potty-trained children may still have accidents at night, so providing your child with quality overnight pull-ups will prevent frequent wake-ups and ensure a good night’s sleep.

We stay away from brands like Huggies or Pampers because the quality is not great and we never had a good experience.

After switching to better-quality pull-ups, our daughter has been staying dryer longer and her sleeping habits improved a lot. 

So here are the best overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters.

Our top 5 overnight pull-up choices

  1. HealthyBaby Pull Up Diapers. Best overnight pull ups for heavy wetters that are EWG verified.

  2. The Pant by Coterie. Most comfortable pull-up diaper for active babies.

  3. Hello Bello Training Pants. Best easy on-and-off overnight pull-up diaper. 

  4. Dyper Training Pants. Best overnight pull-ups that are soft on baby skin. 

  5. Nicki’s Diapers Reusable Overnight Training Pants. Best reusable overnight pull-ups.

5 best overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters

We tested several pull-ups that can prevent overnight leaks and here are the best 5 options to keep your child comfortable while they sleep.

Image: HealthyBaby

1. HealthyBaby Pull Up Diapers

The best overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters that are EWG Verified.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out HealthyBaby Training Pants. And let me tell you, they are a game-changer for any parent. 

These diapers are our top choice because they are EWG Verified, which is exactly what we look for in baby products.

EWG Verified diapers meet EWG’s strictest standards for health and ensure that there are no harmful chemicals that can pose a health risk to your baby. 

That means that there are no Parabens, Phthalates, Fragrances, Chlorine, Latex, and other banned ingredients.

Now, these diapers hold a lot of pee! They are incredibly absorbent because they have air channels that increase absorbency. With a toddler that is a heavy wetter, these diapers handle it all. 

They hold up great and lock in the mess without a hint of discomfort for my little one. This is very important during nap time and overnight use so she rests well. 

I also like how these overnight pull-up diapers manage to stay non-bulky even after a pee, unlike other brands that puff up and become uncomfortable.

I appreciate HealthyBaby’s dedication to being an environmentally friendly option. Knowing that they are EWG certified gives me peace of mind that I’m making a responsible choice for my toddler and the planet.

Size chart:

Size Weight Range (lb) Quantity Per Box
12 - 18
16 - 28
22 - 37

Image: Coterie

2. The Pant by Coterie

Overnight pull-ups that are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and cruelty-free.

I can’t say enough good things about The Pant by Coterie. If you’re on the lookout for top-notch overnight pull-ups, these are our second-best option.

Unlike traditional pull-up diapers, these offer a 2-in-1 experience. You can pull them up and down like underwear or change them like a diaper because they have a resealable waistband. 

This is a great added feature because it makes potty training easier and helps build your child’s essential motor skills.

What stands out about The Pant is that it provides up to 3 times drier skin and significantly reduces the chances of diaper rash. 

And with up to 90% more liquid capacity compared to standard training pants, you can say goodbye to leaks and blowouts. 

Besides being great overnight pull-ups if you have a heavy wetter like my toddler, these pants will gently ease your little one into potty training while ensuring comfort and convenience.

Coterie also cares about the health of your baby. The Pant is independently tested to ensure that it is free of latex, rubber, dyes, VOCs, and more than 200 potentially harmful chemicals. 

Size chart:

Size Weight Range (lb) Quantity Per Box
14 - 24
20 - 32
27 - 38
33 - 62

Image: Hello Bello

3. Hello Bello Training Pants

Best overnight pull-ups that feel like underwear and are easy to pull up and down.

Hello Bello Training Pants will keep your child comfortable during overnight accidents. 

First off, these diapers are made using chlorine-free fluff pulp so your child is not exposed to dioxins. 

Fluff pulp creates a soft lining in the diaper and absorbs liquid to keep your baby’s skin dry. And without dioxins, your child will not be exposed to potentially toxic compounds.

These training pants are also great if you have an active child because the snug waistband allows them to move freely and comfortably. 

Also, the snug waistband may reduce red marks or creases on your child’s skin because it moves with your little one.

And you don’t have to worry about overnight leaks because the Premium Leak Guards will hold everything in place, unlike other brands that leak and tear easily.

I also like the double protection on the legs as well. My daughter usually wakes up with a full diaper but her floor bed and onesies are always dry.

If your child is potty training, these diapers will make the entire potty training experience more enjoyable. 

The easy on-and-off design will help your child potty independently. This is a great feature because the ultimate goal of potty training is for your child to go on their own.

Overall, we like these pull-ups and I think they will work great for you and your child.

Size chart:

Size Weight Range (lb) Quantity Per Box
20 - 24 Months (S)
16 - 28
2T - 3T (M)
18 - 34
3T - 4T (L)
32 - 40
4T - 5T (XL)

Image: Dyper

4. Dyper Training Pants 

Dyper offers unmatched comfort and peace of mind. Your baby deserves the best, and Dyper delivers.

I can confidently say that Dyper Training Pants are a must-have. Dyper is a brand that offers top-tier comfort, reliability, and environmental responsibility.

It may be hard to find overnight pull-ups that don’t leak. But these diapers have truly exceeded my expectations, and I can’t help but share my enthusiasm.

I was immediately struck by the exceptional softness of the Dyper Training Pants. It’s as if they were tailor-made for my baby’s comfort. 

The snug yet gentle fit provides a level of coziness that ensures my little one stays happy and irritation-free throughout the night.

A great benefit is the indicator line that tells you when it is time to change your baby’s diaper. No more unnecessary diaper checks.

Another great benefit is that the Dyper Training Pants are designed with the utmost care for your little ones because they are made using viscose from Bamboo. 

Viscose from Bamboo breathes well and is soft enough to sit next to your baby’s skin and wicks away moisture to help avoid irritation.

They also use Chlorine-Free fluff pulp and are free of harmful chemicals or irritants such as latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT, or Phthalates. 

This brings me a piece of mind because I know that my toddler’s health will not be compromised. 

What sets Dyper apart is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Knowing that these training pants are great for the environment brings an extra layer of satisfaction. 

Dyper has truly set a gold standard in responsible parenting.

Size chart: 

Size Weight Range (lb) Quantity Per Box
Newborn (N)
XS (1)
8 -14
S (2)
12 - 18
M (3)
16 - 28
L (4)
22 - 37
XL (5)
XXL (6)

Image: Nicki’s Diapers

5. Nicki’s Diapers Reusable Overnight Training Pants

The best reusable overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters.

These reusable overnight training pants by Nicki’s Diapers are the best cost-effective option. 

Yes, you might have a bigger upfront investment but you will be saving a lot of money in the long run.

We cloth diapered our daughter since she was born and this is why we included this diaper in our list of best overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters.

You can agree that diapering can get very expensive. What we liked about these pull-up diapers is that they are reusable and are specifically made for overnight use.

Believe it or not, they are very absorbent for a cloth diaper. Although they may not have the same absorbency as the HealthyBaby or Coterie training pants, they still do a good job.

The stretchy waistband allows your child to move comfortably and the leg contour hugs your baby’s leg to stop leaks.

The only thing to consider is that you’ll be doing laundry more often. It may be a good idea to have a few diapers readily available in case your child wakes up in the middle of the night to be changed.

Sizing chart:

Size Weight Range (lb)
16 - 21
22 - 30
30 - 38
X Large
34 - 45

Reasons to consider overnight pull-ups

Regular diapers are not ideal for overnight use mainly because they are not designed to contain large amounts of liquid. 

Here is why you should consider overnight pull-ups.

  1. Minimize Bed Wetting: Overnight pull-ups help minimize overnight accidents because they provide an extra layer of absorbency and leakage protection. This ensures a more comfortable night’s sleep for your child and reduces the hassle of changing bedding every night.
  2. Easier Potty Training: Overnight pull-ups allow your child to experience the sensation of wetness while keeping the bed dry and this feedback helps them understand their body’s signals and encourages them to wake up and use the toilet. 
  3. Transition to Regular Underwear: Overnight pull-ups simplify the transition to regular underwear. This gradual transition eases your child into the comfort of wearing regular underwear without the fear of accidents.

What to consider when you buy overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters

These are the same things we considered when we bought overnight diapers for heavy wetters because our little one pees a lot!

  1. Leak Protection: The most important thing is leak protection. The pull-ups we recommend have strong elastic leg cuffs and a snug fit around the waist to prevent leaks while your child sleeps.
  2. Absorbency: High absorbency is crucial. These pull-ups are designed with advanced absorbent materials that can hold a substantial amount of liquid to keep your child dry throughout the night. The HealthyBaby Pull Up Diapers are the best choice.
  3. Comfort: Look for designs with a soft, cloth-like feel to prevent irritation or discomfort during sleep. A comfortable pull-up ensures your child can rest undisturbed.
  4. Easy to Pull Up and Down: Overnight pull-ups that are easy to pull up and down will help your child use the potty independently. 
  5. Breathability: Overnight pull-ups with good breathability will reduce the risk of skin irritation. Proper ventilation helps keep your child’s skin dry and healthy, even during extended wear.
  6. Gentle on Your Baby’s Skin: The options we recommend are free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, or latex that prevent the risk of allergies or rashes.


What about overnight diapers?

In our personal experience, overnight diapers hold more liquid than pull-ups because the design and purpose are different.

Overnight diapers are made for infants and toddlers who aren’t yet potty trained during the night and offer more absorbency to keep them dry for extended periods. 

But this depends on how much pee is accumulated in the diaper. A bigger child might need more diaper changes than a smaller child.

Overnight diapers also resemble traditional diapers with side tabs for secure fastening, and this minimizes the risk of leaks. 

On the other hand, pull-ups are designed for toddlers and young children who are potty training and are learning how to pull their diapers up and down.

They are less absorbent than overnight diapers but provide a good transition between diapers and regular underwear. 

The overnight pull-ups we recommend are somewhere in between overnight diapers and pull-ups, so you get the best of both worlds.

What to do next?

These are the best overnight pull-ups for heavy wetters. Our top pick is the HealthyBaby Pull Up Diaper because it absorbed more liquid than the other brands we tested.

If you are still potty training your child or are ready to begin potty training, please read my Montessori potty training tips to help you throughout the process.

Also, make sure to check out the best potty training treats that are highly effective so your child has a positive potty training experience.

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